Iris Hakulinen

Commercial Advanced - Hip Hop Open Level - Caribbean Show Open Level - Contemporary Open Level - Kisaryhmät

The heart of the studio beats in the hands of super talented Iris. This dancer and dance teacher started her career as an entrepreneur at the age of 16 and since that she has grown her brand into a nationally respected dance studio.

Iris has a versatile dance background including ballet, competitive dance, gymnastics, afro, dancehall, authentic Latin American dance, contemporary dance, jazz, stepdance and hip hop. This 24-year-old dance maniac has gathered experience from the dance capitals of the world like Los Angeles and Copenhagen. Iris has also danced in Japan, Switzerland, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Poland, Sweden and Bosnia.

Artistic Director
Iris Hakulinen

The heart of the studio throbs in the skillful hands of a young but experienced Iris. The versatile dancer, who has been an entrepreneur since the age of 16, has sought influences from e.g. Copenhagen and Los Angeles. Iris also competes at the World Cup level, and is part of the World Of Dance directing team.

Valtteri Palin

This bright and lively dancer teaches heels and latinshow classes. Valtteri has a long ballroom dance background in addition to which he has danced in various productions and performances across Europe.

"Be just the way you are and dance with all your heart!"

Miika "Migi" Hurnanen

Migille on tärkeää päästä yhdistämään sulavaa liikkumistaan luovuuteensa erittäin hyvän musiikin tahdissa! Street- opettaja Migi, keneltä musiikkikorvaa ei todellakaan puutu, tuo musiikista esiin asioita, joihin kuuntelija ei normaalisti saattaisi kiinnittää ollenkaan huomiota.

Sofia Convertino

Sofia is an energetic, happy and encouraging teacher. She will graduate as a sports consultant in the spring of 2021. She has been dancing all her life and competing in various sports since she was 6 years old. Sofia's main dance genres are disco and show dance, where she has competed successfully. Medals have been accumulated at the Finnish Championships, European Championships and World Championships. She has also participated in the Pakko Tanssia TV show in 2013 with the group that made it to the finals. He has also been involved in various productions, such as the Team F show in 2019.

'' You can enjoy with me the fast pace of the disco and the whirlpools of the show dance. In my lessons, technique, various jumps and a variety of movements and series of shows and discos are made from the very beginning. Come along to challenge yourself and have fun dancing. ''

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