Artistic Director
Iris Hakulinen

The heart of the studio throbs in the skillful hands of a young but experienced Iris. The versatile dancer, who has been an entrepreneur since the age of 16, has sought influences from e.g. Copenhagen and Los Angeles. Iris also competes at the World Cup level, and is part of the World Of Dance directing team.

Valtteri Palin

This bright and lively dancer teaches heels and latinshow classes. Valtteri has a long ballroom dance background in addition to which he has danced in various productions and performances across Europe.

"Be just the way you are and dance with all your heart!"

Janina Salmela

Languages: English/ Finnish

Janina graduated as a dancer from the Tampere Conservatory and is currently studying at the Turku University of Applied Sciences Academy of Arts as a dance teacher. She has performed in various productions, dancing both in front of the camera and on the theater stage. She began his teaching journey in 2015.

As a teacher, Janina wants to convey a diverse and strong technical base, and sometimes reminds her to forget it.

For Janina, what is important in dance is exploring the possibilities of the body, throwing herself into the flow of dance and versatility. He wants to challenge and help everyone develop in an encouraging atmosphere.

In Janina's lessons, you can enjoy both the agility of contemporary dance and the sleek floor technology.

Miika "Migi" Hurnanen

Migille on tärkeää päästä yhdistämään sulavaa liikkumistaan luovuuteensa erittäin hyvän musiikin tahdissa! Street- opettaja Migi, keneltä musiikkikorvaa ei todellakaan puutu, tuo musiikista esiin asioita, joihin kuuntelija ei normaalisti saattaisi kiinnittää ollenkaan huomiota.

Kia Kajala

Kia has a long dance history and background from many different sports of which Kia has competed in Finland and abroad in shows and discos. Kia's classes feature a variety of show movements, practice technique, learn to empathize with music, and create something insane.

She also attends Emilia's Commercial Juniors classes to guide occasionally.

Vera Moisio

Vera is an energetic and throwing dancer as well as a dance teacher! She is studying dance at the Turku Academy of Arts and has also studied dance in Norway. Strong dance technical background and years of experience in performing and competitions are Vera's strengths.

"In my lessons you can challenge yourself in an encouraging environment and enjoy the flow of contemporary dance!"

Erath Chairaksa

Erath is a skilled artist specialized in street dance who has directed dance lessons for several years, competed, and participated in various productions.

Erath's style is characterized by the combination of different smoothe angles and the finding of mobility in the body. This young man's classes are suitable for RnB fans.

Matilda Infante

Matilda has been dancing different styles since she was little. Matilda is a determined person and a technical dancer. She completed advanced studies in extensive basic dance education along with which competition also began.

Matilda's classes create a good foundation for any dance hobby.

Matilda teaches Commercial, Contemporary Dance and ShowJazz to adults on Sundays.

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Emilia Karlsson

During her dance career, Emilia has had time to try out many different dance styles. She was in the 2013-2015 street training program, along with which she competed in shows and street championships. In addition to competitions, Emilia has danced as a backup dancer for Robin Packalén.

Emilia has a happy and cheerful character through which she conveys the joy of dancing. She teaches in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Emilia holds a commercial junior på svensk group for about 9-12 year olds on Tuesdays at 16-17 and works as a rotating teacher for the commercial beginning group on Thursdays at kl. 17-18.

Emilia's lessons cover the basic steps of dance, which combines the style of show and street dance with outgoing music. Häng med!

Shan Rajanaro

Shan is a cheerful person and a passionate dance lover. She is a skilled dancer who also has a competition history.

Shan teaches hiphop beginners on Sundays and Mondays and commercial open hours on Tuesdays.

Shan's lessons give you a good foundation for dancing. In the lessons, you learn the basic movements essential for dance and listening to music. The most important thing for Shan is that you have fun!

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Sofia Convertino

Sofia is an energetic, happy and encouraging teacher. She will graduate as a sports consultant in the spring of 2021. She has been dancing all her life and competing in various sports since she was 6 years old. Sofia's main dance genres are disco and show dance, where she has competed successfully. Medals have been accumulated at the Finnish Championships, European Championships and World Championships. She has also participated in the Pakko Tanssia TV show in 2013 with the group that made it to the finals. He has also been involved in various productions, such as the Team F show in 2019.

'' You can enjoy with me the fast pace of the disco and the whirlpools of the show dance. In my lessons, technique, various jumps and a variety of movements and series of shows and discos are made from the very beginning. Come along to challenge yourself and have fun dancing. ''

Bboy Kalaco

Bboy Kalaco is a Break dance professional and choreographer from Mexico. He has been a professional dancer since 2007, he is one of the founders of Dance Club Playa (a dance school on the Riviera Maya in Mexico) and is one of the organizers of the largest dance battle event in South America. In addition, he is a 2015 semi-finalist in the Mexico Tiene Talento program with his crew MFC, with whom he has also toured in luxury hotels in the Riviera Maya region, with the MFC Breaking Show. Bboy Kalaco also has experience judging several competitions and has worked as a choreographer for years.

Aino Heininen

Aino is an energetic and powerful person both on and off the dance floor. Her mindless attitude will definitely make you dance too.

Aino directs the Hiphop Juniors group for 9-12 year olds and competes in 105 HipHop group.

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