Online classes


105 Dance Complex will change to online classes starting from 25.3. Online classes are held in Zoom. Online classes replace contact-teaching. Below are instructions for registering for online classes.

1. Digitalbooker

Registration for the class is done using DigitalBooker.

1. Select a location ONLINE

2. Click the "Create Account" button in the upper right corner

3. Create an account for yourself. This is very important because without an account we will not receive your email address, so we will not be able to post a link to the Online Class!

4. Reserve your slot for the class 

NOTE! Registeration for classes close everyday at 12.00 day-time. You must register before 12.00 of the occuring classes.

You can cancel your reservation eight hours before the reservation. If you wish to cancel your reservation before the start of the class, please send a message to +358 45 324 1051

NOTE! Non-cancellable bookings will be charged a dance time or € 10 for VIP members

2. Zoom

The class will be held in Zoom, where an invitation will be sent to your email.

1. Download application

2. Make a user with your own name

3. Log in to the class using the link sent via email or by Meeting ID

4. In the Zoom call, press the ''Chat'' button and enter your last name and first name. That's how we know you've signed up. If you do not enter your last name and first name in the ''Chat'' section then you will be removed from the class

3. Payment

Online classes serve as replacement for contact dance lessons, so you will be charged from your dance card or by one-time payment. In our online store you can buy more cards and a one-time fee.

If you have not purchased a card or do not have a valid card then you will be sent an invoice.


New classes


The content of the choreography lesson varies depending on the teacher. Choreography classes focus on learning choreography. As a sport, choreography lessons vary depending on the teacher's background.

Choreography Online classes are held by Gundega

Stretch with Mirka

This class focuses on whole-body stretching. Not much space is required to participate in this class. The content of the lesson varies weekly, focusing on different parts of the body.

Stretching Online are held by Mirka.


The class focuses on feminine choreographies and good mood. Floor-Work is also practiced in this Online class. You don't need a lot of space for this class.

Bootylicious classes are held by Mirka


New online teachers!

Simone Onttonen

Languages: English/ Swedish

Simone Onttonen is a versatile dancer from sweden. Simone has studied dance at Lunds Dans o- Musikal Gymnasium and has also studied dance in Copenhagen in addition to which she has danced in various productions, performances and competitions. Simone has a big passion for hip hop, especially freestyle and sought influences from New York, Los Angeles and Copenhagen. Simone is currently a part of a dance collective called Peach Collective, (Peach Seniors.) Simone will be teaching HipHop via Zoom.

Eliza Kazemaka

Languages: English/ Latvian

Eliza is a dancer and choreographer, mainly teaching choreography, taking foundations from different styles like hip-hop, contemporary, ballet and others, and fusing them together. Focused on becoming more versatile and developing her movement, she has traveled all over the world, trained in Copenhagen, LA and, most recently, London, attended various camps and workshops and has taught in different studios in Europe. She teaches many styles of dance, but most of all, her teaching focuses on musicality, body movement and exploration, performance techniques and other tools that help you become a more well-rounded dancer.


Languages: English/ Latvian

My name is Gundega and I come from Riga, Latvia. I've been dancing for nine years now and dance is my main focus in life. I've been trained in various dance styles and I'm always trying to continue to broaden my knowledge. I've traveled to international dance camps like: Fair Play Dance Camp, Beat Camp, Right Way dance camp and I'M IN training program, and I've also spent half a year training in London. Currently I'm back home in Latvia and a teacher at "SPACE" dance studio. I have multiple years of experience in teaching dance to people of different ages and I do it with passion. I highly value foundations, knowledge and versatility and I try to pass down everything I've learned to the people I teach. I have a positive, goofy personality, but I can be quite demanding as a teacher - it's important to me that I do my job well and push my students to grow.

Annija Raibekaze

Languages: English/ Latvian

Annija is a Latvian dancer and choreographer. She is trained in various dance styles for many years and has educated herself in some of the most prestigious dance camps/events/workshops in Europe. Currently, she is continuing to explore dance at the University of East London. Every class she gives is about a different feeling. She mostly teaches choreography, which is a mixture of different styles such as hip-hop, house and contemporary. She highly values foundations, versatility and knowledge behind the steps. Her passion and love for dance speak louder than words, so feel free to join her classes!

Mirka Liljeqvist

Languages: English/ Finnish

Mirka has been dancing since she was little and tried different dance styles, but always returned to urban styles. Close to the heart is also a showy commercial-style with or without heels, as well as the popular TWERK!

Mirka loves performing and the excitement brought by the games so we go towards the stages!

The lessons have great energy, guaranteed to be fun and suitably challenging!

Silja Jernvall

Languages: Finnish

Silja has a competitive dance background and has competed at the Finnish Championship level, as well as representing Finland abroad. Silja is a luminous and joyous dancer. With him you get to jump according to hot Latin dances.

In Silja's lessons, you get the best possible tools, whether you're a beginner or an experienced veteran. Jump with Silja to the joy of dancing!

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