Breakdance is the beginning of all street dances, which originated in the 70s in the Bronx. Typical breakdance movements include acrobatic stunts, floor sets, toprock (footwork up), and footwork (footwork down). In our breakdance lessons you will learn insane body control, strength, speed and cool tricks!

Our breakdance teacher is BBoy Kalaco.


The style of Heels dance lessons varies a lot depending on the teacher. Heels lessons are characterized by feminine movements and finding different body lines. You can attend the classes as you wish, even with the highest heels you own, but heels are not compulsory to attend this class.

Our Heels teachers are Valtteri and Iris. 


Commercial or so-called commercial dance, is a type of fusion that gives all the hype you need. Commercial choreographies are often "stage dances," and choreographs are usually made to hip-hop and pop music.

Our Commercial teachers are Emilia, Iris and Shan.


Hip hop is a street dance genre born in New York in the 70s. Hip-hop culture today is a global, constantly evolving and changing phenomenon. Hip-hop, which as a dance is based on various bounces and grooves, can be divided into several subcategories such as oldschool and newschool. Hiphop is a dance style, and a diverse and big part of culture is community, musicality and the production of one's own movement, ie improvisation.

Our Hiphop teachers are Iris, Erath, Shan, Migi and Aino.


Contemporary dance is a versatile dance that can be practically anything. The foundations of contemporary dance are in classical dance technique. Contemporary dance combines different dance techniques and breaks their rules and characteristic patterns. Typical elements of modern techniques include finding organic movement in one's own body, interpretation and emotions, jumps and pirouettes, and floor sets.

Our Contemporary teachers are Matilda, Vera and Iris.


Show dance, often seen with fast-paced spins and jumps, is a combination of many styles. ShowJazz technique consists of jazz, contemporary dance, ballet and latin techniques, and elements of hip-hop and other urban genres are often seen in choreographies as well.

Our ShowJazz teacher is Matilda.


Latinoshow combines Latin dances and techniques with show dance techniques and elements. Latinoshow classes go through different sports like chacha, samba, rumba, salsa, pasodoble, jive etc.

Our Latinoshow teacher is Valtteri


Disco dancing is a fast-paced energetic dance that involves big jumps, kicks, hand movements, and explosive choreography.

Disco beginner classes practice the basic movements and techniques of disco dance.

Our Disco dance teacher is Sofia.


Juniors classes teach the essential basic movements of dancing. Juniors classes also teach you to dance to the beat of the music and to use your own creativity. This class allows you to develop your own self-confidence and presentation skills.

Our Juniors teachers are Aino, Kia and Sofia.

Power & Stretch

Jumps & Tricks